Date: Thursday May 8, 2014

Time: 1 PM ET

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free



Professional engineer and ASTM contributing member, Colin Lobo will provide a section by section overview of the changes to ASTM C94 Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete.

ASTM C94 is one of the primary standards maintained by ASTM Committee C09 on Concrete and Aggregates.The specification establishes the responsibilities of the purchaser and manufacturer of ready mixed concrete and establishes the basis by which concrete is ordered and accepted on project sites.

ASTM C94 is intended to protect the entities involved by establishing requirements for concrete production facilities and delivery vehicles. It is invoked by reference in the adopted building codes in the US and in most project specifications.


Attendees Will:

  • Gain a broad understanding of the scope of ASTM C94 and how it is used
  • Recognize the responsibilities of the purchaser, manufacturer and testing agency
  • Understand the requirements for concrete production faciliites and delivery vehicles under C94
  • Understand the ordering and acceptance of ready mixed concrete under this specification
  • Learn about the latest revisions to ASTM C94


Who Should Attend:

Ready-mixed concrete industry personnel, Concrete Contractors, Inspectors and Specifiers, Engineers and Architects, Testing Agencies and their personnel, Lawyers and Consultants, Material and Equipment suppliers, Educators and Students in Civil Engineering Curriculum


Meet Your Expert:

Colin L. Lobo
Senior VP Engineering Division NRMCA

Colin L. Lobo is Senior Vice President of the Engineering Division at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in Silver Spring, Maryland. Lobo has been with NRMCA since 1991. His responsibilities include facilitating the activities of the NRMCA Research, Engineering and Standards Committee, NRMCA research and technical education, developing technical publications for the industry and the plant certification program. He has published several technical papers and publications. He is involved in administering and teaching several technical NRMCA courses and certification programs. He is active in progressing the evolution to performance based specifications for ready mixed concrete.

Colin is an active member on various committees of the ASTM International and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is a member of ACI Committees 318 (Building Code), ACI 301 (Specifications), and ACI 329 (Performance Requirements for Ready Mixed Concrete). He serves on various committees of ASTM that develop standards impacting the ready mix concrete industry. He has served as the secretary of subcommittee C09.40, which has responsibility for ASTM C94, for more than 15 years. He is the co-author of a chapter on the subject in ASTM STP 169D and of ASTM Manual 49, User's Guide to ASTM Specification C94 on Ready Mixed Concrete. The second edition of Manual 49 will be released in Spring 2014. Colin Lobo is the recipient of the ASTM Katharine and Bryant Mather Member Contribution Award and the ACI Henry C. Turner Medal.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from Mysore University in India. He received a Masters of Science Degree from Northeastern University in Boston and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is a Fellow of the ACI and a licensed professional engineer in the state of Maryland.